Your Vehicle ‘s Electrical Life

August 1, 2016

Over the course of your car’s life it will need many electrical repairs. Electrical repairs differ from mechanical repairs as they are often smaller and not have a duty as your mechanical repairs. But they are just as expensive to fix and you don’t want to be ripped off by not knowing what the electrical repairman is fixing.

Some of the items that may need to be replaced or repaired throughout your electrical system on your car are the alternator, the vehicle’s computer, power windows and the battery.

car19 The alternator of your vehicle charges the battery, but will wear out over time. There are two ways to repair alternators, by either simply replacing with new, which is an extensive exercise or have it reconditioned. Inside your alternator there are brushes that wear down and will need to be replaced. Also the bearing of your alternator may wear and not give a smooth revolution. There are youtube videos on how to recondition your alternator by replacing the brushes and the bearing.  The careful, because sometimes buying the tools needed to complete the job or work out the same price as buying a new alternator. Do your research and decide whether you can tackle the job before buying the tools and parts. You can also buy reconditioned alternators which are cheaper than brand-new ones.

car21The car’s computer is the brain of your vehicle, and it runs everything from the engine to the fans in your cabin. If you need to replace a computer this is one of the most expensive components of your transportation. Do your shopping around, and get second opinions as there may be ways to fix your computer or buy a cheaper one at a car wrecker. Remember when it comes to your vehicle, getting repairs can be expensive, but getting quotes is very cheap, if not free. So always get another opinion, so that you can be sure the problem is diagnosed correctly. As a short phone call, might save you thousands of dollars.

car20Power windows on your vehicle are ultra convenient, but when they break can be extremely annoying. If your windows fail it’s important that you seek advice immediately, as your window down is a security risk and is open to all the weather. This is something you may be able to fix yourself if you have the skills, but ultimately it’s easier to get a professional to fix the window jam. Often times an electrical window, the motor will seize or fail, causing the window to be frozen halfway. Remember that you can always give a second opinion and you don’t have to buy a new item from a manufacturer, you can also buy a second item from a vehicle wreck instead.

Knowing your transportation ‘s electrics and what may fail gives you a chance ahead of time to put the money away in case you get caught out. As mechanical repairs can be straightforward, replacing items, and repairing items. Electrical problems can be invisible and need a professional to diagnose and locate the problem. You may pay $80 an hour for a professional to find the problem quickly or you may go for days to find it yourself. It’s always good to have some money tucked way so you don’t have to worry about dealing with electrical problems yourself.


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